Friday, June 22, 2012

Happy Birthday, Jack!

Jack, my family's Jack Russell terrier, turns 14 today. He has brought untold joy to our family, and I am so grateful for his friendship over the years.

There is so much to learn from the character of dogs. They seem have an uncanny ability to perceive our emotions - and respond accordingly: when we are sad, they will mourn with us and remind us of their love; when we are happy, they rejoice; when we feel like being lazy, they will lounge; and when we feel adventurous, they will embark on a quest.

They greet us when we come home, eyes bright and tails a-wagging. 

They will encourage us when we need encouraging, and will even defend us, selflessly and in the face of deadly peril, if we are in danger.

Their love and fidelity are unconditional. They are our friends, and friends for life - not because of our merits, but simply because we are there.

I need to be more like a dog.

So here's to Jack, and all the other canine companions out there! May we humans be more like you!

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